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Allow 5 working days before telephoning the surgery for your blood/urine result and 2 weeks for your x-ray/scan result.    PLEASE NOTE WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU.

We do not receive results for tests arranged by hospital doctors.


If you change your name, address or telephone number, it is important that you inform the surgery as soon as possible. Please give full details to the receptionist including your postcode. Please note if your new address falls outside our catchment area you will need to register with a new GP and you will receive notification of this.


We pay special attention to the friendly atmosphere and high standards in our surgery. We are always willing to listen to any comments, suggestions or even complaints. Any complaints will be dealt with both speedily and fairly under the practice complaints procedure (see document above). Your comments will help us to provide you with a better service. If you have any suggestions please complete a form in the waiting room and post it in the suggestion box.


The practice operates a ‘zero tolerance’ policy with regard to violent or abusive behaviour. We ask that you treat your GP and staff properly and courteously. Where violence is used, the surgery security officer and the civil police may be called.

In all such circumstances steps will be taken to remove the patient concerned from our practice list.

Sharing your records:

your personal information

Information about you is used in a number of ways by the NHS and social care services to support your personal care and to improve health and social care services for everyone.

The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) is the national NHS organisation with a legal responsibility to collect data as people make use of NHS and social care services. The data is used both at a local level and nationally to help with planning, managing your care, supporting research into new treatments, identifying trends and issues and so forth, and is used to try to make services better for all.

You can, however, choose not to have information about you shared or used for any purpose beyond providing your own treatment or care.

Your right to opt out

You can choose not to have anything that could identify you shared beyond your GP practice. You can also choose for the HSCIC not to share information it collects from all health providers any further.

If you have previously told us that you don’t want the HSCIC to share your personal confidential information for purposes other than your own care and treatment, your opt-out will have been implemented by the HSCIC from April 29 2016. It will remain in place unless you change it.

Simply contact reception either to register an opt-out or end an opt-out you have already registered and we will update your medical record. We will also be able to confirm whether or not you have registered an opt-out in the past.

Information Sharing

The HSCIC has a statutory role to collect and process health and social care information which is set out in the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

*   what HSCIC collects – the types of information the HSCIC collects and what it’s used for

*   personal information choices – people’s rights regarding care information

*   information requests from organisations – how organisations can ask HSCIC to collect or provide access to care information

*   assurance bodies and processes – how the information requests HSCIC receive are carefully looked at

The HSCIC is absolutely committed to keeping all of the data it handles safe and secure and applies the same principle to any data that is released outside of the organisation.

Information is only ever shared with organisations that have gone through a strict application process, who can demonstrate they have a legitimate reason to access the data to use it for the benefit of health and care purposes, as per the new protections introduced as part of the Care Act 2014, and who have signed a legally binding agreement. So for example commercial companies cannot receive information for insurance or marketing purposes.

As part of the application process the Data Access Advisory Group, an independent group, hosted by the HSCIC, considers all applications for data that are identifiable or de-identified for limited access.

If your patients do require any further information that is not already covered within our web pages we can be contacted by email at<> or by phone on 0300 303 5678.